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Using the power of Google Search and years of data from’s Online Business Directory we have been able to assemble a search engine that is driven to local websites. This gives an advantage to local businesses by being part of a targeted market of items related to Walla Walla, WA. was first put Online in 1995 by resident Jody Harrison, it was the first Website of its kind, it was a Online Business in the new frontier called the Internet. the main mission was so all online businesses walla walla could be found on the Internet . At the time Jody was working for the valleys first public Internet Service Provider Blue Mountain Internet. Jody started the official legal entity of in 1995. He nurtured and held it dear to his heart, thwarting repeated attempts by non Walla Wallans to utilize it for their personal interests. In 2002 Jody and Ruben Bybee of Pageland formed a working alliance. Ruben being a long time resident was a perfect choice for the technical and visual needs of the site. was conceptualized, designed, created and programmed in Walla Walla by Walla Wallans.. The web site is maintained by original staff and all reside in Walla Walla.

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