Bruce Lee vs Chuck Norris

its a Burger Fight! now get into your corners and come out Tasting!

Its a known fact that Juston Watson Owner of Stone hut Bar Loves his food and especially Burgers, these aren’t your average tavern burgers, these will cripple you and then give you something to push with later. bring help!

The Chuck Norris

So now you can see what I mean about bring help, this Bacon loaded hand-crafted wonder is the Chuck Norris – No Muff to Tuff for the Chuck! Like in all Martial arts showdowns there is always a Nemesis and chucks is nobody else but-

The Bruce Lee

Yes you got it the Bruce lee! this burger has the Ying and Yang of ingredients sort of like a meat salad on a Bun. But whoa there little buddy put them chopstick down because your going to need both hands for this Battle of the Burgers. hurry up while you still have time and get to the Stone Hut DoJo for this Epic Battle and get your name in the bucket. well done Juston!

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