oh man the weather sucks game is on and I want a fat cats burger, you know the one! but oh snap. its sunday and they wait! this just in! Rocky Gipson the New owner of Fat Cats Tavern in Walla Walla, WA. has opened the doors on Sunday, not only that, its happy hour all day and the flattop is heated up! so you know what that means time for a Bacon Cheese Burger!

as soon as you walk in you get the feeling that this the right place

So I go to town to catch some of the game and to mong down what I had been craving so much! they asked me if I would like to see a menu and I said talk to the hand home skillet and make me a bacon cheeseburger! and they jumped right on it, right there not in the back room, right in front of you. didnt take long and there it was Nom Nom and you better not disappoint me! (you how that sometimes happens when you really craved something and no smile)

well this is what they brought me what I would say is a straight up traditional bacon cheese burger seasoned to perfection with grilled onions! and exactly what I had anticipated. the years of previous owners seasoning is permanent in that grill top and the flavor is still there, knowing its a fat cats burger you have get a grip and your stance when you mow down on the first few bites. this can be crucial for the remaining session of how you attack this and not wear it..

first you got to give it the smash to put it together for the big bite!
while standing, lean forward and attack! you will notice they have rolls of paper towels at each table.

I must of sounded like a dingo dog eating a soup bone when I hit that mother, packing it off to the Long Table which is an excellent place to stand and eat or just pound some beers with your friends and watch the game.

I must say they did not disappoint and my Burger was what I was hankering for. they have stuck with the original buns from rogers bakery in college place. this bun holds up even with tomato and all that goo that makes a great burger, it stayed together until it was gone, couldn’t finish the chips so that’s a mission completed 10-4? roger that! wash it down with a bale breaker!

while talking to Rocky the new owner we discussed some of his immediate future plans and he said he will be adding Spirits to the menu and yes folks a deep fryer! So until next time swing in and have a burger and some beers

Fat Cats Tavern
430 W Main St, Walla Walla, WA 99362
(509) 529-8233