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Welcome to the Blue Mountain Brewers Club
Walla Walla, WA.

Blue Mountain Brewers, originally “Walla Walla Home Brewers” is alive and brewing and currently known as Walla Walla Home Brewers Club.

Once Upon a Time in Walla Walla, WA. the closest home brew club  was in Kennewick, WA. Meetings held at Ice Harbor Brewing home to the Tri Cities Zymurgy club.  We had to drive an hour to go to a home brew club.  original brew travelers Rob Gallo and Mike Stiles “spike” who attended these meetings decided that there were enough brewers in walla walla to start our own hometown brew club. this took place around year 2000. Since its opening in 1997 Mill Creek Brew Pub brought hand crafted beer to the locals, they became interested in micro brewing and wanted to learn more,  so it began.  Rob Gallo was President, Spike was Vice President and I ( Jody Harrison) was Secretary. meetings started out as brew sessions at spikes with lots of help from the Tri Cities Zymurgy Club, Ice Harbor Brewing and Mill Creek Brewpub.  lots of locals showed up interested in brewing and had great turnouts and new friends were met ( Original Social media where you actually meet people) .. after time it seemed to almost fizzle out while some of us kept home brewing. the meetings stopped and we just met on brew day. during this low time Home Brewer Tyson Crudup started what was Walla Walla Brewers a new and exciting brewery with great beer and a signature IPA the locals loved, unfortunately it was ahead of its time and forced to close. finally  more breweries started up, some by other home brew club members who went pro and some who moved to Walla Walla bringing their brewing skills.. Mark Beck an original member and Troy at Quirk Brewing have sparked up new interests along with Burwood Brewing bringing with them a whole new attitude on Micro Brewing. they have put together a Official HomeBrew Club google forum to keep in touch with activities.

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wallawalla.com has been the official site for Walla Walla Home Brewers Club Since Its inception. Officially listed with American Home brewers Association and has kept the contact alive for years during the period when there was no club action. for current information please use the google forum link as these guys are taking over the contacts for club activities and I gladly hand them the mash paddle to continue on, glad to of been able to keep it alive until taken over.

Meetings: Second Tuesday of the month
Groups: Google Forum
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