Take Me to The Rivers!

Three Rivers Winery that is!

When its nice and sunny outside, Temperature doesnt matter when your at Three Rivers Winery ! this is always a great go to place to have a few bottles of wine with friends and family. been a while so we thought to go rough the place up a bit, first of all bring your binoculars and cameras because there is Wildlife you can sometimes see right from the huge deck of tables and chairs as you walk out of the winery

Half of the deck is covered and plenty room in the sun. We were greeted with a very cheerful Tasting room atmosphere and were immediately feeling the good vibes (one of many reasons I go to this place) and we decided to do some tasting and gawking like tourists.

Nice and Spacious with nice sitting areas

So we slurped down our first Bottle of Sauvignon Blanc that was just enough to get the pony motor started so we got another while chatting away with staff and absolute strangers passing by to grab a bottle of wine.

They have a full line of Winery Swag

you can buy cheese, salami and crackers if you want to grab a snack with your glass or bottle of wine on premises and if wine gear is your thing, they have a complete line of 3 Rivers Winery SWAG to choose from

If you want the full wine experience you can set up a VIP Guided Tasting. or wait till this summer when they have concerts out on the green field just off the deck! Finished the second bottle and decided to get a Red one for later.

If you want to go enjoy a bottle away from it all out in the country this is definitely the place with Mill Creek right there close to the old Oregon trail out by the Whitman Mission.

5641 US-12, Walla Walla, WA 99362
(509) 526-9463

Until next time Gobble down and drink up! Cheers!