About WallaWalla.Com

¬†WallaWalla.com was first purchased back in 1995 by native Walla Walla resident Jody Harrison. At the time Jody was working for Walla Walla’s first public Internet Service Provider. Jody started the official legal entity of WallaWalla.com in 1996. Jody nurtured and held WallaWalla.com dear to his heart, thwarting repeated attempts by non-Walla Wallans to utilize it for their personal interests. In 2002 WallaWalla.com and Ruben Bybee formed a working alliance. Ruben being a long time Walla Walla resident was a perfect choice for the technical and visual needs of the site. WallaWalla.com was conceptualized, designed, created and programmed in Walla Walla by Walla Wallan’s.. The web site is maintained by staff and personnel whom all reside in Walla Walla. In a single sentence, this is “The Walla Walla Web Site”. We hope you enjoy visiting Walla Walla and we look forward to serving the Walla Walla community in the future.